Laser Marking Success & Case Stories and Industry Reports

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Do you have a raw or finished material which you must mark – or wish to mark – and are considering laser marking as the likely candidate or at least as a possibility? Then we would be delighted to help you. Provide us with details of your application and samples and we will contact you without delay and make a mark on your parts.

Let us make your 1st mark!

ALLTEC already boasts more than ten thousand installed systems worldwide. And each year that number rises. Here, you can firmly establish for yourself that this figure is no fairy tale. And get an idea of some of the applications which have been mastered by our laser marking systems.

Laser Marking Solutions for Your Industry

Please also pay attention to the laser marking solutions we offer for special industries:

Solar/ Photovoltaics

Laser marking of solar cells, modules & thin-film substrates
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Laser marking in the electrical goods and electronics industry
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Plastic Extrusion

Laser Marking of Tubes, Hoses, Cables and Profiles
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The compact, versatile and reliable laser marking solution
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Customer Case Stories

Case Story: PA Fuel Pipes
Alltec marking lasers mark automotive fuel supply lines

Automobile fuel lines have to last a car‘s lifetime. The same goes for their marks. ALLTEC laser marking systems apply these resistant and long-lasting signs.

Case Story: Frozen Food Packages
Alltec laser markers code iglo cream spinache packages

More Transparency in the Fridge Shelf: One Spinache, One Code, One Farmer. Simple, clear, understandable. Where you can ask numerical codes something about spinache fields, iglo talks about sustainable agriculture. ALLTEC simply calls it a perfect example of traceability.

Case Story: Food Industry
How come its that sausage gets a number and Marilyn Monroe is pictured on marzipan ?

Or: A recipe for success for the marking, decoration and production of confectionery goods and food with laser marking systems ...