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Case Story: Frozen Food Packages
Alltec laser markers code iglo cream spinache packages

More Transparency in the Fridge Shelf: One Spinache, One Code, One Farmer. Simple, clear, understandable. Where you can ask numerical codes something about spinache fields, iglo talks about sustainable agriculture. ALLTEC simply calls it a perfect example of traceability.

This is especially appealing to diet-conscious customers: iglo‘s creamy spinache, marked with a clearly readable code that is the reference for the origin of the baby greens. This is easy and fast done: Enter the laser marked code and the manufacturing time into the search mask on, press return and the farmer from who‘s fields your particular spinache pack comes from is found. This is good to know. And it even tastes better because you can be sure: What is marked is in.
One spinache, one code, one farmer – this is true for iglo. The farmer is responsible for the first choice quality of the spinache. And Alltec is responsible for the readability and traceability of the code on the spinache package that helps finding this very farmer.
Three gas laser markers make sure that the correct codes are marked onto the icy cardboard packagings in firstclass quality and speedy. Each package can only be marked with a single individual code. And the production lines have to keep running all the time - trouble-free! Production stops would not only be expensive, they would be sad, too. Because Emma is hungry for iglo‘s creamy spinache and not for daddy‘s greenstuff.

ALLTEC & Frozen Spinache: More than Traceability

To apply clearly legible, easily readable and traceable use-by and manufacturer dates (e.g. filling time, place of filling) on wet and frozen spinache packages is mere child‘s play for Alltec‘s laser coders. For this particular cream spinache application the vector scanners needed to be capable of much more. A marking technology that renounces colors and chemical additives was in demand. These additives should not be used in food productions. Likewise important: A cool and wet production environment must not harm the marking systems; they had to be easily and flexibly integrable into production lines; they had to keep pace with these lines speeds and last but not least they had to pay off.

Alltec‘s laser markers fulfill these requirements. They mark contact-free without additives and are dust-proof and splash-proof (IP65). They were integrated into the iglo production by means of a beam turning unit and mark fast and reliably. With brilliant marking quality and a clean marking process, Alltec‘s laser markers contribute to iglo‘s sustainable agriculture. And help many moms and dads to find answers to their children‘s

ALLTEC laser markers code frozen spinache packages:


    due to legal regulations, for customer information, quality assurance and traceability



    with use-by and manufacturing dates (filling time, place, etc.)



    reliably, fast, economically.


The mark is applied


    „on the fly“ during the production process



    contact-free, without colors, solvents nor chemicals



    permanently and easily readable on wet and icy carton surfaces and is





Thus, all packages are traceable – all the way from production to the end-customer in less than 4 hours from harvesting to packing.