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Case Story: Food Industry
How come its that sausage gets a number and Marilyn Monroe is pictured on marzipan ?

Or: A recipe for success for the marking, decoration and production of confectionery goods and food with laser marking systems ...

How to bring Marilyn Monroe onto marzipan, the legendary delight, that makes the mouths of thousands water? How to apply numbers on sausage and letters on the rind of a famous Austrian bacon? How can biblical quotes be marked on bread in Israel? And – last but not least –: How to mark logos on cheese?

Delicious! Marilyn Monroe pictured on marzipan. Companies like Krüger & Salecker of Lübeck, Germany, a leading global manufacturer of moulding machines for the food industry, shows how this is possible. Using ALLTEC‘s laser marking systems, they are able to offer their customers an impressive advantage in the fullest sense of the word. These laser marking systems can be integrated into entire production lines or even in single food processing machines. There, food and confectionary – from candy, cheese, beef to sausage, and bread – can be marked with various information. Environmentally and consumer friendly, fast and reliable and – above all – cost-effective.

Food is not only marked by it‘s good taste

Also signs are set on food. Signs that are symbols for quality, consistence or also uniqueness. Signs that make products unmistakeable, recognizable and traceable. Just signs for good taste. Last but not least, because they are brought up onto any food product environmentally friendly and totally without using artificial substances. That tastes very good: both to the manufacturers and especially to their customers. There are all sorts of good reasons:


    Best quality: Thanks to ALLTEC laser marking systems that easily bring up customer and product information like data, logos, graphics or trimmings on moving and non-moving products.



    Absolutely delicious: Thanks to the laser marking process, both food and confectionaries are marked without altering their taste. In contrast to other marking methods, this contactless, clean and dry technique marks products without using any inks or solvents. Thus, contaminations are out of question.



    A first class ingredient: ALLTEC laser marking systems such as in the Krüger & Salecker machines are flexible to integrate into food processing machines and production lines. They are absolutely reliable and maintenance-free over thousands of hours – with minimal standstill times in case of a product change. And: They are operated without using any costly consumable material. Thus, ALLTEC laser marking solutions symbolize a very high economical degree, that is without equal.