Countless materials. Undreamt of possibilities.
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Laser Marked Materials

Laser marking systems mark virtually anything. As a whole, they mark a multitude of both inorganic and organic materials: whether metals, plastics, coated materials or exotic materials such as foodstuffs. A complete overview of all markable substances is therefore not practical. A general overview such as the following must of necessity be incomplete, but nevertheless indicates the abundance of possibilities.

Which laser is most suitable for any given material is established by our application experts and experienced sales engineers in collaboration with our clients – in the course of detailed meetings and concrete marking trials on original client materials.

  • Plain Metals | Coated or Anodized Metals
  • Plastics and Polymers | Laser Sensitive Plastics
  • Glass | Ceramics
  • Paper and Cardboard | Foils
  • Wood | Foodstuff | Textiles and fabrics


Steel, anodized aluminium, iron, brass, gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, nickel, silicon, titanium, and a great many more.


Thermoplastics, Duroplastics, Elastomers and much more besides.


Possible Laser Markers/ More Information

Confectionery goods and food can be marked and decorated with laser marking systems ...

Other Materials

Possible Laser Markers

Glass, papers and cardboards; ...