Laser Marking Solutions for Your Industry

Industries are different. However, their respective laser marking and coding tasks are sometimes alike. At ALLTEC we know that standardized solutions are as important as individual ones or solutions for single industries. As we supply the full range of laser marking and coding systems offering not least a wide range of speed and integration options we can easily serve all these needs. Be it as a turn-key solution, an automation solution, a standard system or as a customized solution. From CO2 to TEA CO2 to Nd:YAG to continuous wave and pulsed fiber laser coding systems - our products for laser marking and coding will definitely fit to your needs.

For relevant coding and marking solutions from ALLTEC, please select an industry from the list below:

Solar/ Photovoltaics

Laser Marks on Solar Cells, Modules and Thin-Film Substrates:
Keep Track of the Wafer

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Laser Marking in the Electrical Goods and Electronics Industry

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Plastic Extrusion

Laser Marking of Tubes, Hoses, Cables and Profiles
High Speeds for High Volume Production

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Automotive and Automobile Supplies

The Fiber Laser Marker for the Automotive Industries
ALLTEC LF100 and LF200: Compact, versatile, absolutely reliable

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Since more than two decades, Alltec works and cooperates with the aerospace and automotive, electrics and electronics, tools and metals, beverage, food and packaging, medical and pharmaceutical and many other industries. Please contact us for coding expertise in your line of business! We offer the latest superior marking and coding technologies that enable nearly all marking applications accross all industries across the world.