Compact, versatile, absolutely reliable:
The Fiber Laser Marker for the Automotive Industries

Countless Automotive Applications. One laser marking solution:
ALLTEC laser markers

plastic auto part housing

ECC200 code on plastic

gear part

aluminum + steel profiles

plastic fuel tubes

metal fuel supply pipe

switch (day/ night design)

switch (color change)

ABS plastic controller

POM part


extruded car door profile

Depending on brand and model, automobiles nowadays consist of approx. 12,000 individual parts. Nearly all need to be marked one way or another. Either with 2D codes such as the ECC200 or SQR, with bar codes like the EAN, with serial numbers or with individual content such as customer or brand logos and graphics such as wiring or hydraulic diagrams. Thousands of marking and coding tasks with various requirements. People within the automotive industries know all of that better than we do. But this much we know: Most of these data identification tasks can be fulfilled with only one system: The compact, versatile and reliable long-life fiber laser markers ALLTEC LF100 (10W) or LF200 (20W):

Our laser marking solution for the automotive industries

Small Size, Simple Integration: The compact design with the market-wide smallest scan heads and the flexible and proven software and hardware platforms ensure best integration into any production line.

Broadest Application Range: Virtually all material can be marked with uncomprising quality, not least due to powerful software supports, superior digital high-speed scanners, two marking head options and two beam orientations to choose from (straight-out/ 90°).

Lowest Maintenance, Highest Uptime: Reduced setup time; an air-cooled, highly efficient, maintenance-free laser source and the non-contact and consumable-free marking process maximize uptime and reduce costs.

Ergo: ALLTEC LF100/200 is the perfect system solution for various automotive applications such as demanding parts marking and unique identification coding on a variety of metal, plastic and other hard-to-mark materials. The system marks fast and economically and is thus the best solution for countless applications in the automotive and automobile supplies industries. Get your individual sample made or send us your requirements.