The fastest, best value and most versatile laser marker in its class

The fastest laser marker in its class, the new ALLTEC LC300 from ALLTEC GmbH creates consistent, crisp marks on high-speed production lines. ALLTEC LC300 seamlessly integrates into virtually any application that requires permanent marking of variable data on substrates such as glass, plastic, rubber, cardboard and labels. Permanent codes, bar codes and logos can help prevent counterfeiting of products in bottles and jars, electronic housings, sensors, connectors, profiles, tubes and extruded rubber and plastic parts.

ALLTEC’s new LC300 laser marker is the fastest in class: maximum marking speeds are up to 1,300 characters/s, line speeds up to 15 m/s*. The system comes with high-quality, consistent, crisp marking through superior high-speed technology. In particular at high line speed ALLTEC LC300 brings more information on a product than any other comparable laser marker.

ALLTEC LC300 is easy and quickly to integrate with virtually all types of production lines. This is due to its compactness, the specific flexible laser beam deliveries and the effective communication/ interface concept. Competitively priced and with minimal running costs the system sets economically the standard.

ALLTEC LC300 marks a wide range of products including packages (e.g. labels, glass and plastic containers, tubes, cardboards), but also electronic housings, sensors, connectors, extruded rubber sealings, profiles, and tubes. The products are marked with information such as expiry date, batch code, 2D-matrix and bar code, manufacturer name and logos, and symbols.

ALLTEC LC300 housings are robust, air-cooled and easy to clean. Sealing standard is IP54S or optional IP65.

*application dependent