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Less power – More performance
Thanks to the new ALLTEC LC100 laser marker

As the complement to ALLTEC's 30 Watt laser marker ALLTEC LC300, the new 10 Watt laser system ALLTEC LC100 comes with likewise high-performance features at less power input. The marking speed up to 1,200 characters/second and the line speed up to 10 meter/second* makes it one of the fastest in its class.

ALLTEC LC100 - 10W CO2 laser stroke marker

But ALLTEC LC100 does not only deliver highest speeds on production lines, at the same time it creates consistent and crisp high-quality marks. Also at high-line speeds ALLTEC's new laser marker applies more information onto products than any other comparable system.

From special pharmaceutical boxes and paper, cardboard and carton packings to PET containers; from electr(on)ic/ semiconductor devices (e.g. ICs, PCBs, sensors/ detectors, connectors) and automotive parts to extruded products as sealings, profiles and tubes – the range of products and materials that can be marked with ALLTEC LC100 is almost unlimited. So is the information that has to be applied. ALLTEC LC100 marks expiration and manufacture dates as well as ticket numbers and line codes, ID matrix and barcodes or logos, symbols and individual data such as serial numbers, batch and lot codes or content and weight specifications. Especially permanent codes, bar codes and logos can help prevent counterfeiting of products that require consistent marking of variable data. ALLTEC’s new 10 Watt laser marker also accepts most common data formats to enable use of standard CAD and graphics programs.

Thanks to its compact design, flexible components and an outstanding communication and interface concept ALLTEC LC100 seamlessly and quickly integrates into production lines. For simple operation, the system can be controlled using a handheld controller or online via an external device such as a programmable logic controller, PC or a host computer with Ethernet or RS232. Generating jobs is quick and easy with the Windows®-based software Smart Graph, which also provides multiple password-protected security levels.

To fit in crowded or tight spaces, ALLTEC LC100 is capable of 0-degree (straight-out) or 90-degree laser output, and the head can be detached and positioned for even the most intricate marking jobs. A pilot laser option facilitates and accelerates alignment, which is critical when switching to a new marking job. The marking and supply units are IP54S-rated. For harsh and wash-down environments, IP65-rated protection will be optionally available.

Competitively priced, reliable and with minimal running costs the system sets standards regarding economy. According to product manager Dr. Ekkehard Baum, “ALLTEC LC100 has virtually maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours. There are no conventional consumable costs such as inks, compressed air or solvents, and the laser tube life is prolonged by an optimized air cooling system.”

*application dependant

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