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One box – one solution
Best-in-class speeds and more flexible integration thanks to the new ALLTEC LC500 50-Watt laser marker

Combining high-speed laser marking technology and 50 watts of laser power in one mobile box, the new ALLTEC LC500 laser marking system from the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit provides best-in-class speeds for higher throughputs and an IP65-rated housing for flexible integration in dirty and wet environments. Flexible system components like an articulated arm and a small marking head also guarantee for easiest integration in tight production lines.

ALLTEC LC500 - 50W CO2 laser stroke marker

“With marking speeds up to 2,000 characters/second and line speeds up to 15 meters/second (depending on the application), the ALLTEC LC500 delivers the highest speeds in its class. No other comparable laser coder provides similar throughputs and at the same time excellent, high resolution marks,” states Dr. Dietmar Gnass, director R&D for the Laser Business Unit. The hardware and software design provides maximum data throughput and permanent, crisp quality marks with no degradation of code clarity, even at highest line speeds. Thus, the ALLTEC LC500 is ideally suited for high-speed applications demanding a fast and flexible data transfer and marking process – e.g. in the beverage and brewing, food, packaging, extrusion and lottery industries. But this laser marker is equally productive on many other moderate speed lines – e.g. for marking personal care products, pharmaceuticals or industrial components.

The one-box-concept together with the easy to use software, the integrated user interface, the small marking head – that allows marking in any orientation – and the flexible, articulated arm ensure that ALLTEC LC500 integrates quickly and easily into any production line. The IP65-rated stainless steel housing and the self-contained cooling system ensure high uptime even in dirty, harsh and wet environments.

Additional advantages of the ALLTEC LC500 are the choice of many languages available on the user interface and the overall flexibility of the already proven Windows®-based Smart Graph software, which also provides multiple password-protected security levels. Competitively priced, reliable and with minimal running costs, the system sets new standards for economy and stands for virtually maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours. There are no conventional consumable costs such as inks, compressed air or solvents, and the laser tube life is prolonged by a proven water to air cooling system.

The launch of the ALLTEC LC500 completes an entirely new line of best-in-class, state-of-the-art laser marking systems produced by ALLTEC. This family of laser coders includes the 10-Watt ALLTEC LC100, the 30-Watt ALLTEC LC300 and the 50-Watt ALLTEC LC500 systems.

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