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For the fine print: ALLTEC LF050
Unique 5/10 Watt continuous wave fiber laser marker applies the smallest and finest codes

With ALLTEC LF050 the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit introduces a novel continuous wave fiber laser marking system (available in 5/10W) for marking and coding smallest parts with highest resolution and accuracy. The innovative system has been primarily designed with the electronic component market in mind where molded housings of discrete and integrated components as well as circuit boards have to be marked precisely, with high quality and in the shortest of time. Moreover, the LF050 is also suitable for marking foils, films, bags and composite packagings used in the packaging industries.

ALLTEC LF050: 5W cw fiber laser marker (LF series), stroke marker/ vector scanner/ scribing laser

„With ALLTEC LF050 we are supporting our customers in the electronics and components industry, with a system that allows them to continue their drive towards marking ever smaller components states Dr. Manfred Suddendorf, Product Manager for the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit. „The system can achieve character heights below 150μm with l ine widths well below 30 μm. Our novel hardware and software integration concept delivers a system that is especially easy to integrate into production environments such as component handling and testing lines, while offering reliable, essentially maintenance-free operation.“ Thanks to it’s wavelength that is 10 times shorter than that of a CO2 laser marker, it’s high beam quality and the use of the superior galvanometer scanning technology the system marks with high resolution, fast, precise and with excellent legibility. Thanks to it‘s efficient, air-cooled laser source (50,000 hours est. maintenance-free operation) LF050 works reliably and is easy to maintain. Finally, the world wide unique mechanical integration concept with it’s dovetail joint, the integrated fine height adjustment, a five meter detachable fiber conduit and it‘s small and compact system design ensures that LF050 integrates easily, flexibly and quickly into any production environment.

The fiber laser marker has been primarily designed for the precise, high resolution, high accurate and fast coding of molded housings (discrete and integrated components) and circuit boards. Moreover, the LF050 is also suitable for marking f oils, films, bags and composite packagings used in the packaging industries. With marking speeds up to 800 characters per second and line speeds up to 10 meters per second (depends on the used specifications and application) LF050 applies a variety of contents (expiry and manufacturer dates, lot and line numbers, ID matrix and bar codes, graphics, individual data, etc.) in the shortest of time and in uncompromising quality – both on moving (on-the-fly marking) and non moving products and components. Finally, the high accuracy marking field correction option that ensures the calibration of the system, enables that all codes – as small as they might be – will be applied exactly where they should be applied. This is especially important in the semiconductor industry with it’s components that are ever shrinking in size.

Additional advantages ALLTEC LF050 offers are the choice of many languages available on the user interface (e.g. English, Chinese, German, and more than ten more) and the overall flexibility of the already proven Windows®-based Smart Graph software, which also provides multiple password-protected security levels. Competitively priced, absolutely reliable not only regarding it’s component’s life-time and with minimal running costs (no inks, solvents or compressed air), the small system sets new standards for economy and stands for virtually maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours. In addition, the laser tube life is prolonged by a simple air-cooling system.

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