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Small, flexible, reliable:
New fiber laser marker family features the most compact design for unrivalled versatility and maximum uptime

Selmsdorf (Germany), August 12, 2008 – With ALLTEC LF100 and LF200 ALLTEC GmbH introduces two new fiber laser markers that are compact, versatile and highly reliable for many applications in the electronics, automotive, tools and metal as well as aerospace, and medical devices industries. The ALLTEC LF100 and LF200 are capable of static and on-the-fly marking on a variety of plastic, metal and other hard to mark materials with 10 watts ( LF100) and 20 watts ( LF200) of output power respectively. The new fiber laser markers provide an unrivalled compact mechanical design with one of the smallest marking heads of its kind and straight-out or right-angle beam exits for increased versatility in tight spaces. Less-frequent maintenance intervals maximize uptime and reduce costs.

“Combining superior high-speed scanning technology, powerful software supports and a choice of marking heads (for 6 and 10mm beam diameter) and beam turns (0° and 90°) no other manufacturer offers, the ALLTEC LF100 and LF200 are the smallest and easiest to integrate pulsed fiber laser markers available worldwide,” says Dr. Manfred Suddendorf, product manager for ALLTEC’s Laser Business Unit. “The ALLTEC LF100 and LF200 set up quickly and integrate seamlessly into even the most complex and tight production lines.”

The new laser coders use a maintenance free, air-cooled Ytterbium fiber laser source instead of a gas laser tube or a laser rod which are used in CO2 gas and Nd:YAG solid-state laser coders. Both ALLTEC LF100 and LF200 can quickly apply complex variable data such as high-quality identification matrix codes, bar codes, logos and serial numbers, on moving as well as static products. They also can mark a wide range of metal, ceramic or plastic parts with uncompromising quality, and are ideally suited for demanding (parts) marking applications, such as automotive, aerospace and electronic parts, medical devices, tools and other instruments.

Additional advantages of the ALLTEC LF100 and LF200 laser markers include further ease of integration due to the systems dovetail joint; the ability to decide for PC independent operation via a special software interface; the possibility to choose from a selection of languages displayed on the user interface (e.g. English, Chinese, Turkish, and many more) along with password-protected security levels provided by the flexible and proven Windows®-based Smart Graph™ software. With high reliability and no consumables such as inks, solvents or compressed air required, the laser marking systems ALLTEC LF100 and LF200 set standards for economical and maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours.

The launch of ALLTEC’s fiber laser marker family expands and completes the ALLTEC’s laser marker portfolio. ALLTEC now offers all laser marking solutions from CO2 ( LC100, LC300, LC500) to TEA CO2 (ALLMARK APS) to Nd:YAG (ALLPRINT DN50A, ALLPRINT LN100A) to continuous wave ( LF050) and pulsed fiber laser coding ( LF100, 200).

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