Product Overview Laser Marking and Engraving Systems

Laser Marking and Coding with CO2 Laser Coders and TEA CO2 Laser Mask Markers

10 & 30W CO2 Laser Coding Systems

ALLTEC LC100 & LC300

50W CO2 Laser Marker


Laser Mask Marker


Laser Marking and Engraving with Fiber Lasers

10 and 20W pulsed Fiber Laser Markers

ALLTEC LF100 & LF200

5 and 10W cw Fiber Laser Marking System


Laser Marking with Nd:YAG Laser Engraving Machines

50W diode pumped Nd:YAG Laser Engraver


100W lamp pumped Nd:YAG Laser Engraver


Make your mark: With our system solutions for laser marking, laser coding and laser engraving

Marking diversity in excellent quality – that is what has been convincing ALLTEC’s worldwide clients for more than two decades: high-performance laser markers and laser engravers which cover virtually all applications in product marking. As well as innovative additional services, thanks to which we can at any time offer the optimum and complete system solution for laser marking, laser coding and laser engraving from a single provider. Summa summarum: Products with which you make your mark.

Our laser engraving machines convince with marks which are striking in their brilliance, durability, counterfeit-proofness and precision. Marks which score by helping to cut operating costs as a result of dispensing with consumables; which substantially reduce production times, thanks to virtually maintenance-free operation; and are flexible in their marking of both moving and stationary products. Finally, in order that every application can be implemented as optimally and economically as possible, we offer a comprehensive after-sales service, an accessory and spare-part portfolio, as well as software programs which ensure fully automatic and smooth production processes.

Make your mark!