Minimal marking times for maximal throughput.
With the ALLMARK APS – no problem

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The high-performance TEA CO2 mask marker marks small surfaces with extreme precision and in the shortest times with use-by and manufacturing dates, batch and serial numbers or logos and graphics. Single- and multiple-line markings are applied to such widely diverse products as electronic components, glasses, bottles and packaging of all kinds. The special feature here is: fast-moving products – such as in beverage lines – are coded by the ALLMARK APS faster than with any other laser marker. Individual products can be marked in 1 to 2 microseconds in the highest marking quality, because – in contrast to the dot-matrix or stroke processes - the system is practically insensitive to product vibration.

Throughput, reliability, user-friendliness and economy are unsurpassed with the ALLMARK APS. Because: beneath the surface of the marker is a sophisticated technology incorporating microprocessor control of all relevant system functions, including self-diagnosis and the new ALLTEC Power Switch, a world-first, solid-state switch for high-voltage laser discharge. A wide spectrum of masks is available to meet varying marking requirements: rectangular and disc masks, single and stacked masks, manual and automatic mask systems, and mask systems featuring pendulum mirrors for large marking fields.

Integration: ALLMARK APS has been optimized for integration into lines and product handlers such as labelers. These systems work in purely pharmaceutical lines just as reliably as in the most adverse environments with temperature extremes, dust and vapors or high air humidity. Operation: ALLMARK APS is set up and operated directly in the line via a hand-operated console or online via an external device such as a central computer, SPS or PC. After only a short introduction, operators can quickly and reliably set up and operate the laser marker and just as quickly and reliably service it.

Worldwide, the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit is one of the few and at the same time most important manufacturer of this highly efficient and low-maintenance marking process.




Laser type

High-performance TEA CO2 laser marker


Model dependent, max. 65 watts

Marking Speed

Max. 180,000 markings/ hour (= 50 per second, application dependent) > 1 marking = content of 1 mask

Protection Class

Stainless steel housing, IP66, NEMA 4x, Laser Class 4

Main Areas of Use

Marking fast-moving products, in particular in the beverage industry


Glass, plastics, papers, cardboards, cardboard packaging, coated metals


Resistance networks, condensers, printed circuit boards, ICs, bottles and glasses, foil packaging, slotted cases, tubes, (metalized) labels, tubing, plugs and much more besides