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The fiber laser marker that marks the smallest and finest codes

ALLTEC LF050 is the laser marker for the electronics industry. This continuous wave fiber laser marker has been primarily designed to mark molded housings of discrete and integrated components as well as circuit boards, precisely, with high quality and in the shortest of time. Thus, the system codes on smallest parts with highest resolution and accuracy. Moreover, the LF050 is also suitable for marking foils, films, bags and composite packagings used in the packaging industries.

The range of information that can be marked (expiry/ manufacturer’s dates, batch/ line numbers, ID matrix/ bar codes, graphics, individual data, etc.) is virtually unlimited, and can be applied both to stationary as well as to moving parts (marking on the fly). With the LF050 line widths well below 30 μm can be achieved, enabeling character heights of 150 μm and less.

LF050 codes with high resolution. With a wavelength 10 times shorter than that of a CO2 laser marker, high beam quality and superior galvanometer scanning technology the system marks with high resolution, fast, precise and with excellent legibility.

LF050 works reliably and is easy to maintain. Thanks to it‘s efficient, maintenance-free laser source and the simple air cooling system.

LF050 i ntegrates easily, flexibly and quickly into any production environment. Thanks to it‘s dovetail joint with integrated fine height adjustment, a five meter detatchable fiber conduit and it‘s small and compact system design.




Laser type

Yb fiber laser, stroke marker/ vector scanner


5/10 W cw

Main Areas of Use

electronics & packaging


molded housings of discrete and integrated components, circuit boards, foils, films, bags, composite package

ALLTEC LF050 is available via the ALLTEC sales organization only.