Better advised:
By our application experts and sales engineers
from the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit

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The right laser for product marking requires careful analysis and selection. After all, not every type of laser marks every type of material. Targeted marking and material tests are necessary in order to identify the most efficient system. This is no problem for the application experts and sales engineers in the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit. Together with our clients they establish a customized solution tailored to the respective application and requirements and in particular to the material to be marked.

Individual consulting and closeness to the client is therefore given the very highest priority. Long before the sale of a laser marking system takes place we are there to provide support both in technological development and optimization and in product selection and specification. In this way, in a joint effort, we find the most economical and appropriate marking concept for your particular application.

That these consultation services do not cease after the sale of a system is for us self-evident. Our application experts and sales engineers continue to take care of our clients even after successful installation.

The most modern laser-application laboratories and qualified experts are available worldwide for marking trials: the very best prerequisites for developing customized solutions which take our clients a decisive step forward.