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Laser marking is permanent, abrasion-proof and clearly legible; in the shortest of time, in the highest quality and featuring extreme flexibility and economy. As a result, the marking of a great many materials, products and packaging in countless business sectors is counterfeit-proof and durable. With a wide variety of data and information extending from use-by and manufacturing dates to lottery tickets and line numbers, from ID-matrix codes and barcodes through to graphics and customized content. Regardless of whether it is a matter of complying with legal regulations, attaching consumer information, promoting sales through targeted advertising measures or providing lasting brand protection against misuse and piracy.

The processes and technologies which the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit offers in the field of marking and coding with lasers are among the technologically most advanced and most effective of their kind. Nevertheless, we are constantly developing new solutions and in the process taking advantage of new and innovative technologies. With regard to types of laser, we offer marking lasers with CO2 and TEA CO2 gas and with Nd:YAG solid crystals; in the field of marking technology we have specialized in stroke-marking, mask-marking and dot-matrix processes.