Step on the gas:
With our modern gas marking lasers

Gas Laser Markers

The latest generation of gas laser markers developed by the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit uses CO2 laser-gas discharge as the active medium. The gas is electrically activated and light is emitted in the infrared range. The standard wavelength of our lasers is 10.6 µm, with an optional wavelength of 9.3 µm. The marking processes offered range from stroke marking (CO2 laser) through to mask marking (TEA CO2 laser).

The advantages of our modern marking lasers are in their compact and easily-integrated construction; simple handling; long maintenance intervals in excess of thousands of hours and the lowest operating costs. Further benefits are

  • no consumables
  • multiplicity of possible uses
  • high-quality marking and
  • fantastic system reliability.

Our gas laser markers are especially suitable for the marking of

  • plastics and rubber
  • some coated metals
  • some ceramics
  • glasses
  • organic substances (foods)
  • printed papers and cardboard packaging materials and
  • wood.

Whether for engraving on plastics, color change on PVC, color removal on coated materials or even carbonization of paper – our systems perform convincingly in terms of flexibility, marking diversity and speed, high resolution and brilliant marking quality. It is not without good reason that they number among the most versatile and fastest in their class. And the application spectrum is correspondingly broad, ranging from the beverage and food industries to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors; from the automotive and extrusion industries through to electronics and electrical engineering. Whether packaging or packaging materials, electronic components, automotive or plastic components – the list of products which can be marked is virtually infinite.