Solid material for making the best impressions:
Solid-state laser markers from ALLTEC

Nd:YAG laser coder and pulsed or cw fiber laser markers

Our solid-state lasers are optically activated lasers whose active medium consists of a crystalline solid body – Nd:YAG (Yttrium-Aluminium-Garnet) crystal - or a Ytterbium-doted fiber. Pumped by diodes or lamps, these emit infrared radiation at a wavelength of 1064 nm (=1.06 µm > ALLPRINT series) or 1070 nm (1.07 µm > LF series). All of our solid-state laser marking systems are based on the stroke or vector-scan process.

The general advantages of our high-performance solid-state laser marking systems are that they have a high throughput, are flexible in their integration, simple to operate, extremely reliable and highly economical.

Our fiber laser markers convince with high beam qualities and resolutions that enable smallest spot sizes and finest line widths. They come with an enormous level of efficiency and are extremely easy to integrate due to their compact design. Fiber lasers are highly reliable, maintenance-free and air-cooled. Fiber laser markers belong to the most economical marking and coding solutions.

They are particularly suitable for the marking of

  • metals and coated metals
  • plastics, silicon and rubber
  • ceramics
  • epoxy resins
  • printed papers, cardboards, films as well as
  • wood.

Whether for engraving, color change, color removal or temper/ black marking – solid-state laser markers are convincing with their high resolution and brilliant marking quality. They are primarily used for the permanent marking of tools, components and equipment; plastic parts such as PC and telephone keyboards, as well as automotive parts. As cw fiber laser markers ( LF050) that are capable of applying even the smallest codes, they are broadly used in the electronics and semiconductor industries. As pulsed fiber laser markers ( LF100/ LF200) they are predestined for direct parts marking applications in the electronics, automotive and tools and metal industries.