The moving beam.
Or the principle of our stroke markers

The principle of a stroke marker (also vector scanner, steered beam laser marker or scribing laser) is as ingenious as it is simple. The laser beam is guided in the manner of a plotting pen over the medium to be marked. In this process, two galvanometer-operated mirrors move the (virtual) pen over the product surface, generating the respective mark. The movement of the mirror is digitally controlled, as is the generation of the complete marking content.

Even the most complex content such as graphics and images are fixed quickly and in the highest quality onto countless materials and within large marking fields. Our CO2 systems are particularly powerful and can mark up to 1,300 characters per second*. Only our mask markers are faster. Another striking feature is the flexibility of the markers. Thanks to their compact construction and fully digital controls, including via external standard PCs, they can be quickly and easily integrated into complex production lines. And last but not least, they mark both stationary and moving products.

* application dependent