About lasers which mark virtually anything,

experts who never shirk a challenge

and clients who are more than just satisfied

Our lasers mark virtually any product. They are among the fastest in their class and always perform reliably and at the highest quality level. They range from individual digital systems through to fully integrated and networked solutions comprising an overall package. Backed by our skillful and very experienced personnel, and supported by the expertise and initiative of our worldwide partners.

However, attention to our clients does not end with the successful installation of our systems. In terms of our understanding of our task, installation is only the beginning of real customer relations, relations which are fruitful for our clients in particular and which are seamlessly linked to consultation on the application, design and integration of our systems.

Within the framework of our broadly based worldwide service network with its many divisions for training, consulting and customer service, we always find the appropriate answers to the questions and tasks of our clients. Whether it is a case of individual modifications, a question of hardware or software, on-site work or the integration of new products and the development of customized solutions – we find the optimum solution.

Our services, and especially the efforts of our consultants, are aligned strictly to the requirements and demands of our clients. And in particular, our customer service agents ensure the integrity of that policy. Our commitment is measurable. And we are only too happy for you to monitor our performance! With unsurpassed product quality and hundreds of satisfied clients.

ALLTEC – Experts in laser marking.