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Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), a leading industrial company, designs, manufactures and markets innovative products, services and technologies with strong brand names and significant market positions. In the process, the corporation puts its faith in the strong brands of expanding companies and achieves remarkable market shares. As exemplified by ALLTEC.

Within the framework of the Danaher Product Identification Platform, one of the six strategic Danaher industrial platforms, ALLTEC, as the Laser Business Unit, is the technology and development center for the field of laser marking. The marking lasers developed by the Laser Business Unit and introduced to the market through renowned brand names reach clients via a global sales network. Among the Laser Business Unit’s powerful partners are Videojet Technologies and Linx Printing Technologies and FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving, who also supply the complete range of marking - and in the case of FOBA also engraving - technologies and guarantee service worldwide. All three brands also belong to the Danaher Corp. and are part of the Product Identification Platform.

Danaher companies comprising the Product Identification Platform cover the whole spectrum of the most advanced marking, coding and tracing technologies: from inkjet and laser marking through to the latest RFID processes. At the same time, the safety, precision and economy of all products is always given the highest priority. To accomplish these goals, Danaher uses a set of tools and processes, known as the DANAHER BUSINESS SYSTEM (DBS), which are designed to continuously improve business performance in critical areas of quality, delivery, cost, and innovation. Continuous improvement – both of our products and internal processes – in line with the market and the demands of our clients is always kept in focus.

After all, the fields of application for all labeling technologies extend from medicine and medical technology via pharmacy through to the packaging, food and beverage industries, as well to the automotive and electr(on)ics sectors.

Thanks to this sound and secure background, the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit boasts unparalleled expertise in product marking – and not only with lasers – as well as a service network with unique coverage worldwide.